Becoming Mom Spa: Pre-Conception Services Review

This post was written in exchange for trying the services at Becoming Mom Spa. We love recommending only reputable business, though, and all opinions expressed are our own!

Conception Prenatal Massage 2

Pre-Conception Massage

My morning started with a pre-conception massage, with Denisha. I have to be honest, I was curious about what made a “pre-conception” massage any different than a regular massage.  The room was serene and relaxing and the table was warm and comfortable.  She started the massage by applying light pressure to my abdomen, after the abdominal massage she placed a hot water bottle, covered in a towel, over my stomach for the duration of the hour-long massage.

The warmth and weight of the water bottle was uniquely grounding and brought a sense of awareness to that area of my body.  The type of awareness that used to make me cry when we were struggling to conceive and my womb felt so empty.  The massage was therapeutic and refreshing. 

While this may be my own past experience with infertility speaking, I think this massage would be especially cathartic for those who have been trying to conceive for a while and need a moment to take a deep breath.  Time away from the ovulation tests and the basal thermometer, time away from the pregnancy tests and frustration – a moment to remember that you’re worth it and that your baby will be worth it! 

Meanwhile, my friend Kacey, who is pregnant, was enjoying a prenatal massage. We both felt so relaxed and completely enjoyed spending the afternoon being pampered, although we are at different stages of our fertility right now! I will definitely be back for the pregnancy massage when I am pregnant again.

Conception Prenatal Massage


Next, I had a facial with Candy. I have had facials before, but this facial was like nothing I can explain.  I loved every minute of it.  I kept my eyes closed for the entire experience, so if I am being honest I have no idea what she did – but it was wonderful.  All the products felt great on my skin and they smelled absolutely amazing. 

As I laid under the steamer, Candy massaged my shoulders, arms, legs and feet. It was the pinnacle of relaxation.  While I didn’t notice anything specifically “pre-conception” about the facial, it was a very nice addition to round out my day of pre-conception pampering, and I would highly recommend it to anyone – regardless of their maternal state!

Pedicures Facials Pregnancy Cincinnati mom


Finally, Kacey and I had side-by-side pedicures.  I loved all the color choices, as well as the fact that the nail polishes they offered, ZOYA, is headquartered here in Ohio.  Another great thing about ZOYA is that it is “5 free” meaning it doesn’t contain harsh substances commonly found in other nail polishes. 

During our pedicure, we got to hear a bit more about what sets Becoming Mom Spa apart.  They make it a priority to use natural and pregnancy-friendly products for all of their clients.  This was especially noticeable during our pedicures as the room was free of any harsh acetone smells.  Again, an utterly enjoyable experience.

All in all, the pre-conception services offered at Becoming Mom Spa were wonderful and I would highly recommend them to any would-be mommas!