Birth Classes in Cincinnati & Dayton

Taking a childbirth class feels like a rite of passage for many new parents. Along with those first kicks and ultrasound pictures, there is something about signing up for those classes that makes it feel like this is really, finally happening!

We are fortunate to have many wonderful options for classes in the greater Cincinnati & Dayton area. How do you figure out which one might be the best option for you? Here we share a little bit about the different types of classes, and offer our personal recommendations!


This is by far and away the most common class families take during pregnancy. Usually they are easy to sign up for, and may be recommended by your doctor or midwife. Classes at the hospital typically will cover a little bit of what to expect when delivering at that hospital too, and might include a tour of the facility. You will hear information that lines up with that hospital's policies and protocols. These classes also tend to be the least expensive, in the $30-$75 range.

As a bonus, currently Tender Beginnings doulas Kate & Kacey both teach classes at The Christ Hospital Medical Center in Liberty Township. We would love to see you in a class!


This option is great for those who value discretion during their birth preparation, or for those who have a busy schedule or who have very specific needs, and want to fit something custom on their own time. It can be a great opportunity to go in-depth with birth professional on the things that matter most to you! At Tender Beginnings, we have two primary private childbirth educators, serving the Cincinnati and Dayton region. Private classes will range from $175-$400+ depending on the length.


For those that want something a little bit more broad than most childbirth education classes, we recommend taking an independent, or non-hospital affiliated childbirth education class. These classes cover a broader range of options and choices at various local facilities, rather than just focusing on one facility. Typically these classes are taught by doulas or other professionals who are also active in the field in other ways. These classes are in the mid-range, usually around $150-$300 depending on the topics and class length.

We recommend Modern Breastfeeding + Education for group classes in Cincinnati! Her classes include not just how to achieve an unmedicated birth, but she also offers unbiased info on common interventions and "intercessions" during labor, plus she offers a Healthy Cesarean Class as well.

Specialized Programs

Sometimes clients tell us that they are looking for something very specific in their birth classes. There are some very specialized programs that can meet those specific needs through group classes. Here are the options, all of are heavily geared toward unmedicated birth:

  • Hypnobirthing: This class is great for those wanting a natural birth, who respond well to a meditative approach. These classes are currently being offered through various local hospitals, including The Christ Hospital, Mercy Anderson, and Bethesda North, or through self-study (although we always recommend in-person classes for the maximum benefit!)
  • Hypnobabies: Similar to Hypnobirth, Hypnobabies has a broader range of practice tracks, and is also based on meditative approach, and controlled self-hypnosis during labor. These class are currently offered privately, or you can find the tracks and a self-study course online (but again- there is a HUGE benefit to in-person classes over private study).
  • The Bradley Method: The Bradley Method is perhaps the most comprehensive series you can find for unmedicated birth, the Bradley Method is focused on teaching you and your birth partner how to work together through labor! This is great for partners who want to be prepared especially to be involved.
  • Lamaze: Lamaze has evolved since the "hee-hee-hoo" breathing technique that perhaps your mom might remember. Lamaze is now has a more broad focus, and is great for preparing you and your partner for an unmedicated birth.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!