Local Spotlight: Calming Intentions Teething Jewelry

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Calming Intentions

Hi Amy! Thanks for talking to me about your Etsy store, Calming Intentions! First of all, tell me a little bit about yourself, and your background!

I’m a mom, wife, cat lover and art teacher. I studied Art at The Ohio State University and have been published several times in BeadStyle Magazine for my jewelry designs. Before creating my current line I use to design with metal, wire and beads. I’ve been an art teacher for five years and currently teach at A Brush of Hope in Lebanon, Ohio.

Calming Intentions Amy

You are a mom too, right? Tell me about your own experiences giving birth and having babies?

Yes I have one beautiful daughter who is five. I was in labor for fourteen hours and was on oxygen. Megan was two weeks early and weighed five pounds and was jaundice. Not having help at home was the hardest part for me. My water broke at midnight so I was very sleep deprived for a long time. The next time I would love to have help from a Doula!

What got you interested in starting your business? How did you start? Tell me about that process!

After hanging out with so many moms and hearing their experiences with breastfeeding, bottle feeding and teething I wanted to create a stylish solution. Once my daughter started preschool I was around moms who were looking for ways to help their kids with anxiety and stress as well. So I did some research and decided to start my own line of jewelry to help.

What are teething necklaces and breastfeeding jewelry? How do they work, and what do moms use them for?

Teething necklaces are a great way for mom or family members to bond with baby. They also provide visual and tactile stimulation and encourage feeding by helping baby focus on a bottle or breast. Teething necklaces are a great alternative to the traditional pacifier and help the little ones to not pull hair or earrings.

Are pieces like that worn by the mom or the baby? Are they safe? What kind of materials do you use, and where do you source them?

For babies the mom wears the necklace and for teething or older children then can wear. The beads I use are High-quality 100% food-grade silicone. FDA-approved; non-toxic. No- BPA, PVC, phthalate, cadmium, latex, lead, or heavy metals. Silicone is a great material because it does not harbor bacteria or support the growth of mold or fungus. All my jewelry features a breakaway safety clasp as an added safety measure and clasp is not made for chewing. I do ask that parents inspect jewelry regularly for any possible wear or damage prior to use. I work with a Etsy seller named Princess Bead Supply that is right here in the US.

What other products do you sell?

Soap making has become a new hobby of mine that I truly enjoy. I love working with shea butter and glycerin soaps. My soaps are scented with lavender or eucalyptus mint to help calm and soothe. I love to add fun toys inside the soaps to encourage washing with younger kids.

How many hours a week do you work? How do you juggle life as a mom and as a small business owner?

I love owning my shop because I can work as much or as little as I want. Startup was the most time consuming creating products, pictures, marketing and working on the website. Now I’m at the point where I design and promote when the opportunity arises. I love making customs orders so I will always make time to do so.

What is one of the hardest things about being a working mom? One of the most rewarding things?

The hardest thing is not having family nearby that can help. Having something I can connect with still while being a mom is very important to me. I think once we become a mom a lot of us feel like our old selves get lost in taking care of everyone else. So being able to still make jewelry and connect with others is very rewarding.

Do you do any in-person shows or sell at any local stores, or is it all online?

Last year I teamed up with my moms business and sold a few things at the Cincinnati Baby Expo. I’ve been trying to find the right store connection but have not had any luck yet. So for now it is all online at my Etsy store, and I can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I can be contacted on any of my sites or directly at DoodleSprouts@yahoo.com.

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