From Cradle to College: The Best Nanny Services in Greater Cincinnati

As Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas, our focus is on preparing your family to welcome a new baby into your home, and making the adjustment as smooth as possible. Our job is to provide support, for the whole family, through the transition. We provide breastfeeding information and tips, sleep and soothing education, and help you understand what is normal while you heal physically, and sometimes emotionally too.

Basically, we are there to give you space and permission to explore this new role of parenthood, together, finding what works for you as an individual family. We are the only professionals whose focus isn’t on the children: it’s on you.

Often a part of our job is pointing you in the direction of the best possible local resources and professionals to address your concerns and changing needs. As you come through the first 6-8 weeks of parenthood, you often are returning to work, and asking us: how do I figure out childcare?

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There are many options and avenues to take when considering what works best for your family for long-term child care when returning to work, and we recently sat down with College Nannies, Sitters + Tutors of Mason/West Chester (there is also a branch in Hyde Park serving as far south as NKY) to get a better understanding of how nanny agencies work, and the process for families wanting to go that route when transitioning out of our postpartum care, and settling into a traditional childcare option.

Tell me about your company, how long have you been around, and how did your company start?

In 2001, College Nannies, Sitters + Tutors was founded by Joe Keeley, who was a “manny” through college. Joe had developed a strong relationship with the family whose boys he cared for and the positive impact of his role model behavior was the impetus for this service-oriented company.  Focused on building stronger families, CNS+T is the nation’s most respected, complete and professional resource helping busy families raise smart, confident and well-adjusted kids.

How long have you personally been a part of the organization?

Our current Mason Team, comprised of a Family Placement Manager, Role Model Manager, and Learning Center Coordinator have been together for over a year.

Briefly, what are the main services that you offer?

College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors assists families with everything from sitters to full-service in home childcare and customized one-on-one tutoring in our Learning Center. It’s a cradle to college approach. Our nanny services include full-time, part-time, before school, after school, summer care, on-call sitters, and mother’s helper. It is important to note that we are the employer of our nannies, sitters and tutors, so we manage all the taxes, workers comp, unemployment, time off, and all other employer/employee relationship items. The parent’s role is to focus on discussing the child’s needs with the nanny/sitter.

For families that are looking for nanny services as they return to work after having a baby, tell me about your program? Is there a minimum age requirement?

First I make the initial contact with a parent over the phone to gain an understanding of their needs and we then schedule a complimentary meeting that includes interacting with family members, reviewing standard paperwork, and defining the goals. Following the meeting, I consult with the Role Model Manager who ventures into the recruiting process with your family’s needs in mind.

A nanny profile is sent to the parent when we believe the best match is identified, followed by scheduling a family meeting for you to meet the nanny. At that time you might ask her a variety of questions to achieve your comfort level to proceed with the placement.

If the family is looking for occasional babysitting, My Sitters™ mobile app is available at their fingertips. We specifically recruit to fulfill the family’s goals and demonstrate there is not a “one size fits all” mentality in our service.

We do not have a minimum age requirement for childcare. Additionally, it’s important to know that the state of Ohio defines the parent responsible for their child up to 18 years of age.

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What is the primary focus of your nannies when they work for families?

As an extension of mom and dad, the nanny’s primary focus is the safety of the children in their care and the development of the child. Whether that means tummy time for the little ones, guiding through potty training, prepping for a vocabulary test with your middle schooler, or helping your child bake cookies for the freshman soccer team, we are prepared to help your child succeed. Our nannies are also trained to “Leave it Better” by providing light housekeeping services, meal prep, transportation, and errands.

Do your nannies do overnights, or do any kind of sleep training?

Yes, we have nannies who can provide overnight care for families. Only nannies with overnight childcare experience are considered for these jobs. Knowing in advance the baby sleep training method is necessary to maintain consistency in the parent’s absence.

How do you find and vet your nannies?

Nannies are found through many different active and passive recruiting techniques. Our role models go through a vigorous application process including multiple interviews (phone and one-on-one), reference checks, and background screens.  

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What sets you apart in the community from other nanny agencies?

College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors is the premier childcare service provider. We have a very stringent corporate hiring process and multiple reference checks in addition to background screens that are conducted by a reputable nationwide agency. We consider our clients as family and in doing so prioritize their needs with prompt and excellent customer care; educated, trained, and reliable employees; and a variety of care options to accommodate the dynamic family. We give parents peace of mind 24/7.

How is your service different from something like

As one mom of a 6 month old stated at a recent family meeting “you take the anxiety away from me.” The statement is priceless.

When using a site like the pressure and stress of finding a nanny and maintaining the relationship is solely the responsibility of the parent, who may or may not be savvy to the employment process.

Here are a few reasons parents transition to our services : 1) They might have had some success with, but find it difficult to continually go through the process of rehiring someone after the nanny leaves, which could be several times a year. 2) The background screening is not as comprehensive on 3) They might go through several attempts to meet a nanny who declines at the last minute and they don’t hear from her again. Worse yet, she agrees to the placement and lasts only two weeks and ends with a no show. 4) They don’t want to be responsible for taxes or paying the nanny/sitter. 5) They prefer someone else coach the nanny. 6) They don’t have a backup nanny available.

Visit the College Nannies + Tutors website for more info,  or check out the Mason/West Chester Facebook page for North Cincinnati and the South Dayton suburbs, and surrounding regions, or the Montgomery/Hyde Park page for South Cincinnati, NKY and surrounding regions. Margaret Del Favero, Family Placement Manager at the Mason branch can be found by calling (513) 718-2499 or at