Why the Group Class Setting May Be Just As Important As What You Learn

It may be cliche to say, but it's true: raising a child takes a village. And it's not just raising children, it's pregnancy and birth too. We certainly can do it alone if we need to, but it's not necessarily ideal, for us or our babies.

Research supports this idea. Over the past two decades, several studies have looked at a model of care called "Group Centering" or "Centering Pregnancy." This model looks like women gathering in groups to receive not just prenatal healthcare, but also education and facilitated conversation around relevant topics. It's a holistic approach, and while it hasn't been 100% proven to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes, what we know suggests that there may indeed be a benefit!

Basically: we learn better when we are with our peers, building relationships, hearing their questions and concerns, speaking up to find solutions to our own, and sharing the bits of wisdom we have gathered along the way to help someone else. Suddenly we realize, we aren't alone. Pregnancy, birth, and parenting? These are common experiences, and they are meant to be shared!

This is why I am a childbirth educator in addition to being a doula, and why I encourage couples to take a class if they can, even if it's not with me. This is also why I have partnered with a few other local doulas to bring some mini-workshops to the Cincinnati and Dayton area at an affordable rate.

Maybe you can't swing a full group class series. Maybe your schedule just won't support it. Or maybe you are a second or third (or more!) time mom, and you don't *need* a full series childbirth education series, and just want a refresher. Or maybe you are taking a class, and just love getting out to meet people and learn more to continue to build your confidence for your birth.

Wherever you are at, these workshops are for you, and we hope that you can find a couple of free hours to come, listen, share, and learn if you can. You will be so glad that you did.

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