Meet the Local Midwives

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The first month of October every year is celebrated as National Midwifery Month. Midwives are trained and experienced in caring for low-risk pregnancies, labor, and birth. There are a few different types of midwives, and sometimes it can get confusing about what the credentials of each type mean.  

Types of Midwives

Some midwives attend births only in the hospital, some attend births only at home, and some do both. Here are the different titles and what they mean:

Certified Nurse Midwife- CNM

As the name suggests, a CNM is a nurse who has done additional training to become a midwife as well. These midwives can only legally practice in hospitals alongside OB's in Ohio and Kentucky (although in other states they may be allowed to also attend home births).  

CNMs can not only assist women through natural birth, but can also prescribe medication, including an epidural or Pitocin. The only thing they can't do is a cesarean which is where their overseeing doctor would step in. 

Certified Professional Midwife- CPM

CPMs are direct-entry midwives who do not practice nursing. They can only attend births at home. These midwives have completed formal training and certification through an independent organization, though, to which they can be held accountable. They have also passed an exam through the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM).

Although there is no formal relationship with a doctor many home birth midwives work in parallel with home birth supportive OBs who can provide medical care if needed, including any special prenatal tests like ultrasound, during the pregnancy or birth. 

Lay Midwives

Lay midwives are also direct- entry midwives, but have not completed formal training and certification through an organization, although they may be very skilled and experienced and have practical experience and training. These midwives only attend home births.  Like CPMs, lay midwives may also work in parallel with an OB or other physician.  

Meet the Local Midwives! 

Today we are sharing a list of the many wonderful hospital-based CNMs who serve the area!  If you are interested in connecting with a home birth midwife let us know too- to protect their privacy we do not publicly give out their info, but can direct you privately as needed. 


  • Michelle Zamudio- The Christ Hospital
  • Tina Pearson- The Christ Hospital & Bethesda North Hospital
  • Cheyenne Brown- Mercy West Hospital
  • Stacey Hudepohl & Rachel Sizemore- Atrium Medical Center & Nautral Beginnings Birth Center
  • TriHealth Midwives- Good Samaritan Hospital
  • TriHealth Midwives- Bethesda North Hospital
  • Seven Hills Midwives- Mercy Anderson Hospital
  • St Elizabeth Midwives- St. Elizabeth Hospital


  • Women's Health Specialists & Midwives of Dayton- Miami Valley Hospital & Family Beginnings Birth Center
  • Life Stages- Good Samaritan & Miami Valley South Hospital
  • Andrea Carr & Darla Baker- Soin Medical Center
  • Wright Patterson Medical Center

Did we miss a midwife? Want to share the love for a particular midwife or group? Let us know in the comments!