Meet the Doula: Kacey on Self-Reflection & Becoming a Doula

Kacey Widmeyer Cincinnati Dayton Birth Doula Lactation

Today on the blog we are sharing a bit about one of the doulas on our team, Kacey Widmeyer, and her journey to becoming a doula!

I have defiantly gone through a number of self-reflections in my life. As someone living with anxiety, this has been very important. My career change to becoming a doula was the result of self-reflection.

I went to my undergraduate for animal science and secured a job at Tyson Foods before I even graduated in May 2011. I graduated, and two weeks later I was moving 17 hours away to Texas by myself, for a night shift job in their chicken processing plant. I was very excited to start my new career in the job I worked so hard for.

Then reality set in, I was working night shift, 12 hour shifts, and 6 days a week in a processing factory. I tried to make the best of it, but was completely defeated. I quit within 5 months, and without another job, was stuck working three part-time jobs to pay my bills.

I loved Texas but I couldn’t afford the lifestyle anymore so I moved back to Ohio. I had a huge self-reflection there on that drive back north. I felt like the job had won, and I had failed. I vowed to never leave another opportunity like that without trying different alternatives first. I would never be jobless again, nor would I let people push me around like the people at that job did.

I realized I was a smart, driven woman who was capable of anything.

I secured another job in Ohio in an office, and after 3 years, I again started to feel burnt out sitting behind a desk doing something that was not in line with my strengths. I asked myself “Is this job worth being miserable about? Do I see a real career here I want to do for many years to come?” The answer was a resounding NO!

So once again I was in a career change. At the time I was studying a passion I loved on the side, childbirth and human lactation. I asked myself “Could I make a career out of this?”

I aligned myself with some amazing partners and mentors, and have been a doula ever since! Even as we have grown and gotten busier in this work, I still love every aspect of my career. I do have some sleepless nights but they are to witness the most amazing thing our world has to offer: the birth of a new life.