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Bethany Rice Music Therapy Services Cincinnati

Hi Bethany! Thanks so much for talking with me today about your Prenatal Music Therapy Services! Can you first tell me, in a nutshell, what  music therapy is all about, and how it works?

Music therapy is an allied health profession which uses music to provide individuals additional support for a variety of needs. Our company provides services for a wide variety of clientele including (but not limited to) children and adults with special needs, hospice patients, perinatal clients, women with history of trauma, adolescents in foster care, and individuals with mental health needs. We use a variety of music experiences to help our clients achieve their goals including recreating music through voice and instruments, improvising, moving to music, songwriting, and relaxation.

How did you get interested in music therapy?

I was interested in having a music career of some kind ever since I started piano lessons at age seven. While I was navigating the professional world, I also became interested in medicine and the social sciences; music therapy is a perfect marriage of all of these interests. In high school I learned about music therapy through friends of mine whose son who received music therapy services. I was able to observe one of his music therapy sessions and I was very interested in how the music allowed this child to work on non-musical skills in a fun and enriching way.

What instruments do you play personally, and how long have you been involved in music?

As I previously mentioned, I began piano lessons at the age of seven and then violin lessons at age ten. Violin was my primary instrument in college, but I also sing and play piano and guitar. During a typical day of music therapy sessions, I will play piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, drums, xylophones, and other rhythm instruments!

What got you interested in pursuing prenatal and postpartum music therapy services?

I am passionate about the empowerment of women, especially during birthing and parenting. I love providing tools and experiences to women in order to bring them focus, relaxation, and connection to their baby through music. Music enhances transitions in a powerful way and it is exciting to initiate experiences and soundtracks to such a beautiful life event.

What training did you receive?

I received my Music Therapy Degree from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and have a BA in Music from Thomas Edison State College,  I am trained in Level 1 of Rhythm, Breath, and Lullaby NICU Music Therapy and in Perinatal Music Therapy from Creative Childbirth Concepts.

What are some of the reasons that someone might like to work with you prenatally, or after the baby is born?

Individuals who wish to use music to enhance their pregnancy, increase relaxation during labor, and bond with their babies might find music therapy to be helpful. Also, sometimes extra mental health support is needed to achieve wellness during pregnancy and postpartum; perinatal music therapy services can provide experiences and tools to assist. No musical background is necessary to enjoy and benefit from perinatal music therapy experiences!

I know you also have experience in NICU music therapy! What is that therapy like and how does it benefit babies born early or sick?

NICU music therapy focuses on connecting the parents with their child, as well as assisting the baby with developmental needs. Interventions include musical entrainment to the babies’ physiological rhythms, rhythm interventions to improve sucking, vocal interventions to provide comfort, environmental music, etc. We can also provide interventions such as singing and lullaby writing with parents to facilitate parent-child bonding experiences.  Music therapy techniques are shown to decrease a child’s length of stay in the NICU.

Where can people go to learn more about you and your services?

People can find more information about our services on our website: and on our Facebook page:

Is there anything else you would like for people to know about Music Therapy?

Music Therapy Services, LLC provides person-centered, integrative, and strength-based approaches to address the needs of the whole person. We would love to talk with you more and provide free 30-minute consultation phone calls if you have any specific questions about our services.