The Best Twins Resources for New Families

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Today is National Twins Day, and we are honoring all of those amazing parents of twins (or more!) with a round-up of some of our go-to resources! If you have multiples, it can feel overwhelming to think about all of the logistics involved, while also keeping your own sanity. Our speciality is bringing calm and peace to the parenthood transition, no matter what your family circumstance is!

Setting Up Your Home for Twins

Getting Some Sleep

Breastfeeding Twins

One of our favorite videos talking about setting up your space for breastfeeding twins, as well as the logistics of latching is this one by DIY Breastfeeding.

You can also pick up Mothering Multiples: Breastfeeding and Caring for Twins or More! if you want a book you can read (and reference!)

Local Support Groups

Personalized Care

If the thought of bringing home twins (or more!) is overwhelming, it might be a good idea to call a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula. Our support for families is comprehensive, and can include:

  • A Postpartum Plan consultation via phone, Skype, or in-person, to help you wade through your options and find what works for you.
  • Support during a NICU stay.
  • An easier transition home, including light housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, sleep shaping, feeding support, whether that is breast, bottle, pumping, or a combination.
  • Lactation support from an IBCLC, either in-home or in-office.

Did we miss a resource that you just could not live without? Let us know about it in the comments, and we'll add it to the list for other families to find!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that while all of the opinions here are my own, I may receive compensation from Amazon for clicking on some of the links.