Newborn Weight Check Options in Cincinnati & Dayton

Baby Weight Checks Cincinnati

A baby's weight gain is an important indicator of their ability to move milk well (from breast to bottle), and one of the easiest ways to tell whether they are thriving after birth. For most babies who are feeding well, the occasional weight check at pediatrician and doctor appointments is more than enough. For other babies, though, especially those who are still trying to figure out breastfeeding or who were born premature or with other health issues, it can be helpful to keep a little bit closer tabs on weight.

If your doctor or lactation provider has recommended more frequent weight checks, here are some local options for Dayton and Cincinnati families:

Modern Breastfeeding + Education: (Cincinnati) Register for their Tuesday Lactation Clinic (only $20/family), which includes an assessment, Q&A, and a recorded weight check. Also, any of their In-Home consultations get a one month scale rental free if it is deemed a part of the care plan!

Scale rental? Yes.

Blue Cocoon: (Cincinnati) Free weight checks and pre/post feed weights, no appointment needed. There is also the option schedule an appointment with an IBCLC for a full assessment and consultation.

Scale rental? Yes.

Local Hospital Lactation Departments: (Cincinnati/Dayton) Check with the hospital you delivered at, or with the hospital nearest to you, about their lactation department hours. Hospitals to check out include:


Scale rental? Check with individual hospitals.

Local Pediatrician Offices: (Cincinnati/Dayton) At all of your visits, your baby will be weighed. A few offices also offer lactation and breastfeeding services, which may also include weight checks as needed. Here are a couple of offices that have an IBCLC on staff:

Scale rental? No.

Local Health Department & WIC: (Cincinnati/Dayton) Check out this listing of all of Ohio's WIC programs by city, and check into whether your local health department has a free weight check option.

Scale rental? No.