One Simple Way to Remember Your Baby Is In the Car

Remember Baby In Car

Our community has been very sad and distressed over the tragedy that happened this week, so close to home. A mom working at P&G in Mason forgot her 15 year old month was still in her carseat when she went into work, and the baby girl died.

The thing that is so tragic and difficult for many of us is that we can see how it could happen. The mother wasn't some terrible, neglectful, unloving parent who willfully caused harm. She was a normal, loving, caring mom. Just like the other many other parents to whom this has happened in the past. Just like the rest of us. 

We feel nothing but compassion and sadness for this family who lost their baby girl this week. We also want to take a moment to remind all of us of the importance of keeping our children safe. None of us should be so sure that something like this couldn't happen to us. And here is one, simple thing you can start doing today to help prevent another tragedy like this from striking:

Put Your Shoe in the Backseat

Yes, that's right. After you buckle your child in, slip off a shoe, and tuck it in next to the carseat. You will not be able to get 1 foot from your car without checking the backseat to retrieve your shoe.

If you don't feel comfortable with losing a shoe, put something else back there that you would notice was missing if you walked into work (or wherever) without it. Maybe that is your cell phone, your purse, a briefcase, your ID badge. Whatever it is, make sure that is not just something important, but something you wouldn't get very far without needing.

What do you do to remember a kid is in the backseat?

Do you have any other suggestions or tips for remembering a child is in the backseat? Share them here, and hopefully, together, we can prevent another terrible loss. In the meantime, please also hold the family, and especially the mom, affected this week in your thoughts or prayers with us.