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Reading is one of the very first activities many young babies enjoy with their parents and caregivers, and also a great way to introduce them to language, colors, shapes and emotion! Books are one of the simplest yet most powerful tools to use to teach your little one about the world around them.

Making Reading a Part of Your Child's Life

It's never too early to start reading! Some parents even bring a simple board book to read to their newborn in the hospital. He or she may not look like they are paying attention, but they are listening and absorbing none-the-less. For many parents, this is a great way to talk to the baby too, without feeling silly about having a one-way conversation (at least verbally!) Reading can become a part of daily life by:

  • Making it a part of the bedtime routine.
  • Reading a book as a part of early morning snuggles.
  • Pulling out a book at feeding time, bath time, car time, or tummy time.
  • Use bright books or touch-and-feel books as easy distractions during events or at restaurants.

Here some of our Postpartum and Infant Care and Labor Doulas share our top picks for first books to read with your baby.

Coral's Favorite Baby Books

Kacey's Favorites

Jenn's Picks

What books do you and your baby love?

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