Pay the Person You Puke On

Not everyone throws up during labor, but it’s a thing. For some birthing people, it happens only once or twice. For others, it’s non-stop throughout labor, only ending once the baby is born. Do you know what isn’t fun? Puking. Do you know what ELSE isn’t fun? Being puked on.

For laboring people, there’s usually a lot of other things going on and they stop caring where the puke ends up. This means that a support person is dealing with the puke and the cleanup. If you’re a partner, do you want to do that? Do you want to handle the puke and aftermath of your loved one, taking your focus away from giving that person all the love and emotional support they need?

I wouldn’t.

That’s where a doula can be helpful (among a multitude of other support). We can deal with the puke while you give the love! And for the birthing person, this means that you’re not thinking back on your birth and remembering, “Oh yeah. I puked on/near _____(insert name of your loved one here)”.



Emily Swegert

A Cincinnati native, Emily transplanted to Michigan and back again before settling down to attend college at Miami University. After graduating with her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education, Emily spent several years in a variety of classrooms before moving into higher education and completing her Master’s in Organizational Leadership.

Emily has been serving families for over ten years, first as an educator, then a counselor, and finally now as a doula. Emily is the current owner of Tender Beginnings, and together with Kate Rich, works to bring doula support to families of all types in Greater Cincinnati and Dayton.

Emily lives in Liberty Township with her partner Eric, their daughter Piper and their dog, Kira.