Tips for New Twins Parents

tips twins babies

We have cared for many twins over the years! Expecting parents are often looking for us to help them ease the {double} anxiety of caring for two newborns at once, and also help them get some sleep. While caring for twins can be a lot of work, there are many ways to make the experience easier.

Set Up a Temporary Living Space

When coming home from the hospital, and for a few weeks following, have a space set up where everything you need will be handy during the day, separate from your bedroom (trust us, you will be glad for a little change of scenery!). A first floor living room works best, because then you don't have to walk up and down stairs all day. Set up a safe sleep spot, designated changing station, and a feeding chair, along with a spot for you to sleep, rest, watch TV, read, etc. Don't forget an extra change of clothes or two for you and the babies as well!

Follow a Routine

Rigid schedules are too firm when caring for newborns, but routines can give you the benefits of a schedule without the added stress when things don't happen exactly on-time. Try to keep twins on the same routine. Eat at the same or similar time, sleep at he same time, bathe at the same time. This can maximize sleep and rest for parents.

Practice fluidity and flexibility with new babies. By knowing what happens next without a deadline it can be a nice way to normalize your new life as parents to twins. Routines are great for babies, and older kids.

Color Code to Take Out the Guess-Work

Try color coding items you don't want the twins to share. It's also a time saver, and can come in handy when packing the diaper bag. For example, Baby A's pacifiers, bottles, and diapers, etc. are red. Baby B's are green. This is also nice if the babies are different sizes, and also for maintaining organization. As your babies grow into toddlers and young children, color-coding is also a great way to prevent fights over who gets what color cup at dinner!

A Mom of Twins Top Tip

"My favorite and most used trick is a red lightbulb for nighttime feedings. It's less of a disturbance, and won't ruin your night vision when you turn it on. Probably the best advice I could offer though is to prepare for nothing to ever go how you imagine it will. Once I embrace that, life got a lot easier."

What tips do you have?

Are the parent to twins? What suggestions, hacks, or tips do you have for new parents to twins?