Why a Doula AGENCY?

A common question that comes up when a future client first contacts us is, “Why an agency? What’s the difference?”

The Difference is HUGE…Nine more doulas huge!

You see, when you work with our doula agency, you’re not only getting the experience, knowledge, and compassion of your doula pair, you’re also gaining access to the variety of services and expertise available from the other nine doulas in our group. Having trouble with breastfeeding? We have three lactation professionals available to help you out! Interested in belly binding? We offer that too! Not only can you work within the agency to receive a myriad of other services, but each doula that works within the agency has specialized experiences and training that we share with one another.

Sometimes we work with a family that has a specific need outside of the knowledge of their doula pair. As an agency, we collaborate to provide the best support possible to each individual client, even if that support comes from another doula within our group. Whether that means we add a doula to you team or just connect with them to help answer questions, we are a large, diverse group of professionals working together towards the common goal of elevating the birth and parenting experiences of each client.

So, what does it mean to work with a doula agency? It means support from before you conceive through the baby’s first birthday, all with the same dedicated and knowledgable group of professionals.

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