Beating Cabin Fever: Indoor Play for Older Siblings with a Newborn at Home

Indoor play cincinnati dayton.jpg

If you feel like you are 10 months pregnant or nursing a newborn this winter with a toddler or preschooler at home too, you might be wondering how you are going to survive! Cabin fever is a real thing. Of course there are many museums and indoor amusement centers, but sometimes the huge layout and fast pace of these places is an obstacle when all you want to do is rest while your children play.

Fortunately, Cincinnati and Dayton have several low-key new-mom friendly options for indoor play on those days when you just have to get out of the house. All of these places feature enclosed play areas (key-word here is enclosed!) so you can kickback with the baby while you keep an eye on your older kiddos running off steam!

Red Balloon Cafe + Play- Cincinnati

This indoor play and cafe is great for spending the afternoon. The big open space will keep the older kids entertained while you hang out on the comfy seating and nurse your newborn. There is also an attached cafe that serves a full menu. They also sell baby carriers and wraps, and you can request a free demo!

Liberty Center Mall Children's Discovery Center- Cincinnati

If you haven't checked out the indoor play area at the Foundry in Liberty Center, it is definitely a must! It is in an enclosed area right next to the food court, and will keep older kids occupied while you tend to your newest little arrival. 

Dayton Mall Play Area- Dayton

During the weekdays and after the holidays especially the mall is generally quiet, and your kids can enjoy playing and climbing for a little bit in the enclosed play area while you snuggle your baby! The food court upstairs makes lunch easy while you are out too. 

The Stillwater Church Indoor Cafe + Playland- Dayton

Open FREE to the public Monday-Thursday, you can grab a cup of coffee while your kids climb and play through the enclosed structure!

Don't forget your local library.

Many local libraries have small play areas, or programming for children such as story times and craft hours. Check with your local library to see what they have going on this winter to help you beat the winter blues!