Sometimes, bringing a baby into your family isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. That’s where having support, education, and assistance can make all the difference.


Meet Stacey


As a holistic fertility specialist, Stacey Reid has unique training and expertise to come alongside families of all kinds as they navigate the beginning stages of adding a baby.


Tender Beginnings has a partnership with Stacey of Stacey Reid Fertility Services. This unique collaboration allows for you, the family, to have continuity of care and shared experience from the moment you decide to grow your family until you celebrate that first birthday with your new one.

Every client who books with Stacey and Tender Beginnings for any combination of services is guaranteed a special experience of our combined knowledge and services that allows us to work as a team for you!

Whether you are facing infertility, curious about how to best prepare for pregnancy, or a member of the LGBTQ+ community, our team model will see you through from start to finish. Once you have completed your support with Stacey, the transition to our services is seamless, allowing for peace of mind that you will have the support you need throughout this journey.

For details on Stacy or more information about her services, please visit her site at or contact us to learn more about our partnership!