What our clients love about Tender Beginnings:

Cincinnati Dayton Doula Pairs
  • We prioritize Certification from reputable organizations, and all of our doulas must meet rigorous standards, as well as carry professional insurance.
  • We work in pairs of doulas, so that you get personalized care from two experienced and professional doulas during your pregnancy and after, in addition to the peace of mind you have of meeting and knowing the rest of the doula team providing 24/7 on-call back-up coverage.
  • We collaborate with a larger team of professionals, so that you can experience a seamless transition of care as your needs evolve and change.
  • We are committed to building bridges within the community and with local providers so that you can feel confident about your birth team.
  • We provide the most trustworthy and up-to-date information to our clients. If we don't know the answer, we know who does.
  • We offer nonjudgemental support. It doesn't matter what your birth plans include, we believe that women know themselves and their babies best.

Meet Your Professional Doula Team

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Community Partners

We value our community relationships, and we believe that when we work together, we can make a difference! If you are a local business or organization and would like to chat about getting to know us better, send us an email at kate@atenderbeginning.com.