Whether you’re seeking a full childbirth education program or a single refresher course, our Lamaze series provides a comprehensive and evidence-based option.

Class Overview

Attending the entire series in sequential order will offer a comprehensive childbirth education that prepares you for pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period while making connections in a group setting. For those needing refresher courses, individual classes can be chosen. All classes have an in-person and online component. This hybrid format allows you to preview course content before class, give yourself time to prepare any questions or concerns, and continuous access to all course material/handouts as long as needed.  

Class 1: Pregnancy and Birth Preparation

This class will cover the biological changes that occur in the body during pregnancy. Often these changes come with some discomfort or disruption of your daily routine. We will discuss common discomforts and coping tools. 

Pregnancy is the time to educate and prepare for your birth and parenting choices. We will cover how to create a birth plan, how to communicate your wishes to your birth team, how to form your birth team, informed consent and decision making, and address childbirth fears while boosting your confidence in your choices. 

  • Lamaze philosophy and introduction

  • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy

  • Normal changes during pregnancy

  • Common pregnancy discomforts and coping tools

  • Birth plans

  • Communication with birth team and provider

  • Informed consent and decision making

  • Role of doula, health care team, and support person

  • Addressing fears and building/maintaining confidence 

Class 2: Stages of Labor

Understanding the process of birth is vital to easing fears and helping plan your birth. In this class we will cover the stages of birth, physiological changes that occur in the birthing person and newborn, how hormones impact the birthing process, and the role that pain has in labor. 

  • Anatomy and physiology of labor and birth

  • Stages of labor

  • Hormones of labor and their vital roles

  • Physical and emotional responses

  • Role of pain

  • Gate control pain theory 

  • Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle

Class 3: Variations of Birth

This class will cover what different variations of the stages of labor can entail. Medical interventions such as inductions, VBAC, cesarean birth, and medical pain relief options will be discussed. We will also review non-medical pain relief options and comfort measures for all stages of labor. 

  •  Prolonged or precipitous labor


  • Cesarean birth

  • Non-medical pain relief

  • Medical pain relief

  • Common medical procedures during birth

  • Delivery of placenta and postpartum uterotonic medications

Class 4: What Happens After Birth

Planning for birth is one of the more focused areas of birth preparation. The postpartum and newborn stages are also important to include in your preparation. In this class we will cover the physiologic changes of the newborn and birthing person, routine newborn procedures, the importance of skin to skin contact, initiating breastfeeding, and newborn and postpartum care. 

  • Physiologic responses of newborn and birthing person

  • Routine newborn procedures

  • Golden hour and skin to skin

  • 9 Phases of initial latch

  • Support systems

  • Postpartum for birthing person / support person

  • Signs of postpartum mood disorders

  • Calming a newborn and babywearing

  • Basic breastfeeding: Hunger cues, signs of good latch, signs of a good latch, when to reach out for help from professional

Class 5: Comfort Measures for Labor

This class is our monthly workshop that is available to all birth clients, as well as individuals within our Lamaze series. Topics include:

  • Peanut ball

  • Birth ball

  • Massage & Counterpressure

  • Rebozo

  • Creating a relaxing environment

  • Dispelling common breastfeeding myths

Opportunities for Q&A with the team, which includes Birth Doulas, Postpartum + Infant Care Doulas, Lactation Consultants, and Childbirth Educators

For more information about this workshop:

Class 6: Breastfeeding, Pumping, & Bottle Feeding 

An introduction to breastfeeding to prepare you to meet your breastfeeding goals. We will cover the basics of the breastfeeding dyad, building your support team, achieving a productive latch, common breastfeeding positions, and common breastfeeding complications. Additionally, we will cover pumping and bottle-feeding basics. This will include how to bottle feed, how breast pumps work, navigating different pump brand options and accessories, when to pump, storing and handling breast milk, and sanitizing breast pump parts and bottles. 

  • Breastfeeding benefits

  • Important factors of breastfeeding

  • Breastfeeding support and professionals

  • Nipple shape and breast anatomy

  • Latch basics

  • Common holds

  • Breastfeeding duration

  • Common breastfeeding challenges

  • When to introduce bottles or pacifiers

  • Navigating breast pumps and different options

  • Pumping accessories

  • “Anatomy” of breast pumps and how they work

  • When to pump

  • Storing and handling breast milk

  • Bottle feeding breast milk

  • Cleaning bottles and breast pumps

  • Pumping on the go or at work


Full Series

Our full-series Lamaze course is a six-part course that includes both in-class and online learning to cover everything from pregnancy to the postpartum period. Included in this series is access to our monthly Comfort Measures for Labor Workshop.

Single Class

Are you a second- (or more) time parent, but wanting a refresher on a specific topic in childbirth? Whether you want more info on pregnancy, labor, or postpartum, these individual classes will help you brush up on the topic from that week!