What Sets Us Apart in the Cincinnati & Dayton Region

Birth Doula Team
  • All of our doulas are professionally trained and certified or actively working toward certification, and carry liability insurance.

  • You get personalized care: you don't have to worry about someone you have never met or talked to showing up to your birth! You will have two primary doulas who connect with you throughout pregnancy and share being on-call, plus access to the rest of our team through our workshops for peace of mind.

  • Through our unique shared-call schedule, you can rest assured that an experienced and professional doula is always on-call and ready to be by your side. It's kind of like the show Call the Midwives, only doulas!

  • We work collaboratively within the community, because we know that as you go from pregnancy, to birth, to parenting, your needs evolve and change too.

  • Our doulas stay up-to-date on the latest birth research, and we support all birth plans and outcomes while providing truly nonjudgmental and unbiased support. We won't just tell you what works for others, we will help you find what works for you and your family.

Our focus is the long-term success of your growing family, however you define success.

From the moment I was virtually introduced to my doulas, they were extremely responsive and attentive to my questions. They provided me with a number of resources and routinely checked in with me, my pregnancy, and my preparation for my big day. It is very evident from their knowledge and attentiveness that their work is genuine and comes from a place of care. I was very pleased with them both prior to my birth experience. On the day I gave birth, I felt extremely supported both mentally and physically. Magen answered all my last-minute questions in the most sincere way, without pushing her own views on me. She was very present but also allowed a certain level between my husband and I. I would recommend these ladies to anyone who is thinking of getting a doula.
— Roxy

Labor, & Birth Doula Services to Meet Your Unique Needs

We provide the best in professional doula services for you and your family in the greater Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio area. Our professional birth doula packages can be customized and tailored to suite the unique needs of your growing family.

Complete Birth Doula Package: $1,300

Perfect for first-time parents, those looking for a very different experience from their first birth, or those who are simply looking for the very best in comprehensive and personalized doula care. With this package you will get:

  • Extensive prenatal care and a close relationship with your two primary doulas so that you feel comfortable, confident, and prepared.

  • 24/7 on-call service from the moment your contract is signed to give you peace of mind in all stages of your pregnancy.

  • 1 private, in-home prenatal visits to go over your expectations, answer questions, and prepare for your birth and bringing a new baby home.

  • Unlimited attendance at all of our Comfort Measures Workshops to prepare you and one support person for labor.

  • Access to our exclusive Birth Plan Worksheet, and admission to all of our Birth Plan Workshops with support in writing a Birth Plan or Birth Vision.

  • In-person support at your request on the day of birth up until 1-2 hours after the birth, including assistance with the first feeding as needed.

  • 1 postpartum follow-up visit with one of your doulas, or have a visit with an in-home evaluation with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

  • Upgrades: Add a Private Birth Class for $100-$350, or extend to an 8-hour overnight with a Postpartum + Infant Care Doula on your first or second night home for just $50 more.

Birth Day Only Package: $950

Maybe you are second (or more!) time parents who just want the peace-of-mind of doula support.  This package includes:

  • Phone, email, and text availability for the duration of your pregnancy in order to give you peace-of-mind.

  • Unlimited attendance at all of our Comfort Measures Workshops.

  • 24/7 on-call service for your birth, and in-person support from the time that you request it in labor to give you expert care and guidance.

  • The option to add on a la carte prenatal or postpartum visits, workshops, classes, and individual consultations as the needs of your family evolve.

On-Call Doulas

Are you already in labor and need last minute support? We always have professionally trained and experienced doulas on-call to come alongside you.

Contact us at (513) 680-0270.