Looking for Placenta Encapsulation?

Our trained and professional Placenta Encapsulation Specialists are Blood-Borne Pathogen Certified, and will:

  • Provide you with instructions on the safe storage and transport of your placenta after birth.
  • Encapsulate in the comfort of your home over the course of 2 days, using food grade equipment.
  • Steam and dehydrate your placenta at a food-safe temperature to kill bacteria.
  • Follow strict safety standards, and provide you with a refund, less a deposit, in the event that placenta encapsulation is contraindicated in your particular circumstance.

Although Placenta Encapsulation hasn't been widely studies (yet), many families are still looking to encapsulate their placenta for some of the anecdotal benefits it may provide them after birth. For these families, we provide the highest quality and standards available for Placenta Encapsulation, for your peace-of-mind.

Standard Placenta Encapsulation: $250

Placenta Tincture: $25