Our support for families includes: 

Newborn baby care postpartum doula
  • Newborn & baby care education

  • Lactation & feeding support for newborns and babies through age 1

  • Assistance with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping, or a mix

  • Guidance on normal postpartum healing

  • Screening for postpartum mood disorders

  • Sleep & soothing strategies, for newborns through age 1

  • Emotional support as you explore options and make choices

  • Support through weaning, sleep training, or other first year milestones

  • Support and strategies for returning back to work in the first year

  • Trusted, professional resources and referrals when you need them

  • Light housekeeping to support the entire family

  • Meal planning & preparation

  • Sibling care and support in welcoming a new baby

  • Errands

  • Overnight newborn care

What Sets Our Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas Apart?


We know that parenting is hard work. There are no shortcuts when it comes to birth and parenting! Our professional Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas can't guarantee that it will be easy all of the time, but we definitely can help make it easier. Here are just some of the ways that we stand out as doulas in the Cincinnati and Dayton community:

  • All of our doulas are Infant CPR Certified, professionally trained and certified or actively working toward certification, and carry insurance.

  • We work in a team of 2 doulas, so that you can count on always having someone available when you need it most.

  • Day or night shifts available, depending on your needs.

  • Our collaborative care model means that as your needs evolve, we are able to meet you and your family right where you are now.

  • We put a strong emphasis on evidence based care, and strive to stay up-to-date on the research and information available regarding infant care, postpartum healing, and lactation support.

  • We do not believe in one-size-fits-all when it comes to life, and so we work to provide you with non-judgmental support. You can always feel safe to explore your options with us, and to make the choices that feel best for you and your family.


Infant & Family Care Doula Services

Daytime Services: An Extra Set of Hands

So you just had a baby, now what? Tender Beginnings' postpartum and infant care doulas seek to fill in the gaps in modern postpartum care with the best professional, unbiased, and up-to-date support, day or night. Many clients enjoy:

  • Monthly packages for those wanting long-term support, including assistance in creating and implementing sleep routines, and the best one-on-one care imaginable to make the many transitions and challenges of early-parenting as smooth as possible.

  • Weekly packages perfect for your return home from the hospital, aiding in creating new family rhythms and routines, learning to understand and care for the changing needs of your baby, or for helping you prepare and plan for a return back to work.

  • A la carte daytime or overnight shifts are available for when you just need a little bit of support to get you through, from newborn to first birthday.

  • $40/hour: 4-Hour Shift Minimums

Overnight Services For Sleep Deprived Parents

Sleep deprivation is one of the most difficult aspects of new parenting, and should not be taken lightly! Our trained and experienced Postpartum + Infant Care Doulas can:

  • Give you overnight care for your newborn baby so that you can catch up on sleep, whether it is just a shift here or there, are long-term care to help you get through the early months.

  • Aid in sleep shaping, which is encouraging your new baby to get into good rhythms for sleeping, eating, and healthy growing, day and night.

  • Assist you in developing developmentally appropriate routines, and if desired, a schedule, to help your family get on track for the longterm.

  • Our doulas work with your family to explore your sleep options, and find what works best, for you and your baby from newborn to first birthday.

  • $40/hour: 8-Hour Shift Minimums


In need of immediate day or night doula support?

Contact us at a (513) 680-0270 to speak with the doula on-call, and depending on availability, we may be able to have a doula to your home in as little as 2 hours.